Quiz Game
  1. Research statistics shows that in Hong Kong there are more:

  2. Can post-operative transsexuals give birth to babies?

  3. In Hong Kong, are transsexuals allowed to get legally married to members of their opposite sex after their sex reassignment surgery?

  4. In Hong Kong, can post-operative transsexuals adopt children legally?

  5. Research shows that children who are in contact with transsexuals are harmed.

  6. If more information about transsexuals is provided to the public, then people will become more sensitive to the problems that transsexuals face.

  7. In some provinces in China, there is legal recognition of post-operative transsexuals?acquired sex and their rights to marry the opposite sex. Is there similar legal recognition in Hong Kong?

  8. When do most transsexuals identify their real gender identity?

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