Quiz Game
  1. Research statistics shows that in Hong Kong there are more:

  2. Can post-operative transsexuals give birth to babies?

  3. Transsexuals have only appeared in recent years.

  4. In Hong Kong, can post-operative transsexuals adopt children legally?

  5. Is transsexualism a culture imported from Thailand?

  6. When did transsexuals first appear in China?

  7. A transsexual woman goes for a job interview in Hong Kong. The HR manager sees her ID card which indicates that she is male. She does not get the job; can she bring a case of discrimination?

  8. According to official records, the age of the oldest person who has received sex reassignment surgery in China is:

Please note: Participation in this quiz game implies that you personally agree TEAM collects your answers for research and analysis purposes.

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