Quiz Game
  1. If a man loves to wear female clothes consistently, he will definitely become a transsexual.

  2. Is there any legislation in Hong Kong specifically designed to protect transsexuals against discrimination?

  3. Recent research shows that transsexuals:

  4. Transsexuals should not enjoy any specific protections against discrimination?

  5. In Hong Kong, can transsexuals get the sex information on their ID cards changed?

  6. Is transsexualism an infectious disease?

  7. Around the world, most transsexuals:

  8. In some provinces in China, there is legal recognition of post-operative transsexuals?acquired sex and their rights to marry the opposite sex. Is there similar legal recognition in Hong Kong?

Please note: Participation in this quiz game implies that you personally agree TEAM collects your answers for research and analysis purposes.

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