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Sponsored by the Home Affairs Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, TEAM has printed 100,000 copies of educational leaflets and distributed them to schools, social welfare organisations and hospitals etc. in 2005. We have also distributed the leaflets in various public occasions related to gender identity and sexual orientations.

Individuals, organsations and groups are welcome to request the leaflets for educational purposes. Please contact us for details.

Equal Opportunities (Sexual Orientation) Awareness Day

TEAM's booth

TEAM's booth
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The Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Unit under the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government's Home Affairs Bureau organised the "Equal Opportunities (Sexual Orientation) Awareness Day" on the 14th January 2006. The event was held in the Kowloon Park, aiming to increase the public's awareness and the correct understanding on sexual orientation and gender identity diversity. TEAM was invited to participate in this event. A booth was set up to provide transgendered related information, quiz games and souvenirs.

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