1. To act as a support group for pre- and post-operative transsexuals, as well as non-operative transsexuals and those questioning their gender identity.
  2. To act as an advocacy group on government and society to allow transgendered people to be treated equally in law and within society.
  3. To encourage a community amongst transgendered people in Hong Kong, and to assist with the provision of social activities to enhance that community.
  1. To encourage the government of Hong Kong to introduce a bill along the lines of the recently passed legislation in the UK, which allows change of birth certificate and remarriage, amongst other things for pre- and post-operative transsexuals.
  2. To encourage the government of Hong Kong to amend the Equal Opportunities statutes so that non-op transsexuals, and other transgendered people have protection against discrimination in areas like employment, education, provision of services and facilities, etc.
  3. To educate the public in the real situation facing transsexuals in particular, and transgendered people in general, as well as educating them about the causes and effects of gender dysphoria.
  4. To encourage the media to take a non-sensational approach to reporting transgender affairs.
  5. To establish a social environment for transgendered people to meet and interact; to provide a havenfor those with problems with their gender identity; and to establish a support network for transgendered people in Hong Kong.
  6. To organise any other activities that are compatible with the aims of the movement.

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